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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bringing a Whole New Meaning to Laziness!

Ok so it's not so much laziness per say as an odd quirk but:

Am I the only one that HATES going pee? (No comments on my facination with bodily functions)

It's just such a LONG process! And one I don't get anything out of.

I mean really .. when you spend time to bake a cake or cook a nice meal, it requires time and effort but at the end of it you get something supremely satisfying.

What do I get from peeing?? Part of me thinks it would be nice just to get a urostomy and call it a day...

Ok well a urostomy may be taking it a step too far but a catheter maybe? Then I'd only have to empty my bag every once in awhile.

*sigh* Off to go pee...

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  1. I hate going pee too, that is why I hold it to the last possible second. I'm glad I've found someone who understands.