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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cake making and Kids DO go together!

I'm an infamously impatient person.

At the ripe old age of 28 I am willing to admit that my id is very much in charge of my personality. (For those who aren't versed in Sociology, the id is the part of your personality that craves instant gratification.)

Usually when I bake a cake I can't wait for it to cool long enough so most often as I'm transfering my still warm cake it breaks right in half! Then I have to spend just that much extra time fixing it :(

As if I hadn't learned my lesson from that, I then still don't let it completely cool and slap my homemade buttercream on there only for it to slowly drip down the sides taking big chunks of cake with it.

Ok then, let's re-ice it.

Then I put the finally crumb coated cake in the freezer to set up while I get the fondant ready. Now really at this point you should have already set up your flowers / leaves / whatever you want to stick on said cake but it's me.... I don't have that done.

So I get the fondant on and my newly made flowers / leaves (which are now wilted thanks to my," I want to do it now" complex) and I'm left with an alright looking cake.

That's my normal MO.

Today however I woke up so motivated that by 9am I had the entire house cleaned and breakfast made, eaten, and cleaned up so brilliant me decided to undertake a cake!!

As we know, I have a toddler and a newborn so making a cake is way harder now than it ever was before. I'm having to constantly leave the kitchen to play hide and seek with Anna, nurse Abby, change butts, clean up the snack Anna has thrown around the living room floor for the 8th time, etc.

What I noticed though is that my cakes actually cooled this time! When I transfered them they didn't break in half!

My buttercream was able to set up nicely, and my crumb coating went on without a hitch.

By george I think I'll start making cakes like this more often!

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