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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Officially still don't know.

Frustrated with my ever diminishing wad of homemade fondant, I decided a break from my cake making would be nice.

After plopping down into my oh so comfy computer chair and pulling up Facebook I see this link:

It's Official; Military will not be paid in Government Shutdown

Mouth dry, chair not so comfortable anymore, I stupidly decided to click the link.

It's official.

We won't get paid if the government shuts down.

Ok well we already kinda figured that right? We still have no clue whether the government will shut down however I'm assuming the odds of it happening are about as great as me devouring the last kit kat in the house before Lexi gets home.

What gets me most about this article is they lable it, "It's Official" as if they have some kind of real concrete news to present.

Instead it's just a litany of the same crap we've been reading for the past month.

I'm freaked out about this as it is. No folks, we don't have savings. Oh and contrary to popular belief, Officers AREN'T all "rolling in the dough", and not all people who don't have savings are, "Irresponsible dirt bags who deserve to go hungry so maybe they'll learn how to save".

Lemme break it down for you like this:

We HAD 10k in savings. Do you know what happened to it? We spent it all fighting for a child who claimed he was being emotionally and physically abused. We spent that 10k in good faith over the course of 4 emotionally draining years all to find out in the end said child had been playing all of us the entire time.

Now we have no more savings, no more manipulative kid, and are in the shitter. Thankyouverymuch.

You are right, Rich is an Officer. You are right, we'll be ok... as long as he gets paid!

Yes, I'm a Republican. I believe that people should earn what they receive, not just get it handed to them for the mythical greater good. Please explain to me how taking money away from hard working people benefits the Country? As far as I can tell all this does is encourage more able bodied lazy people to hold their hands out in an attempt to get a "free ride" instead of going out and earning a living like those they are taking from. Meanwhile these same people are booking cruises and gloating on message boards about how they have so much money in their savings account. They needed that EIC huh? They need those WIC vouchers you're handing out huh? They need the food stamps? Right, and I need one more spare tire to add on.

Now I'm not heartless. Although I do believe that Welfare should be EXTREMELY hard to get, I do believe we should have it. I do believe there are those out there who are actually sick, who actually cannot work. THOSE people deserve help. THOSE people are the ones who end up getting shafted because all you have to do is lie on a few forms and you get a free paycheck. It's disgusting.

Why is it that if the government shuts down Congress continues to get paid? From where I'm sitting Congressmen are the ones NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. I'm sorry but I was raised on the belief that if you don't do your job, YOU GET FIRED AND DON'T GET PAID.

Crazy concept yeah?

Or how about unemployment and welfare continuing to be paid? Again, why are we giving money to those NOT working and withholding the livelihood of men and women who are not only working but who are PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE to allow you to sit in your gilded castle fighting like a bunch of toddlers over the last cookie?

None of this makes any iota of sense to me.

I understand things are not fair in life. It's one of those things I believe builds character in us. That ever expanding desire to overcome the odds and the unfairness.

This? This doesn't even come close to being unfair. This is reprehensible that it's even considered a viable option.

You want some help saving money Congress?

- Make people pay for their OWN abortions
- Make people who are able bodied WORK for a living
- Cut down the INSANE salaries you are paying yourselves
- The earmarks.. oh hell the earmarks. Really? At this juncture you want to fight about some earmarks?

Watch your family go hungry for a few weeks while you are being shot at and then come tell me if those earmarks are still important to you.

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